Wednesday 28 November 

7:30 PM GMT/ 8:30 PM CEST


learn how to create and manage an investment portfolio 

while living abroad

Wednesday 14 November

10:00 AM GMT/ 11:00 AM CEST

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We are Expats Too!

The Beacon Financial Education team consists of cross border professionals. We are away from home - just like you - and have lived in multiple countries ourselves, so we understand the financial concerns you have and the challenges you face when it comes to financial planning.

Our aim is to help those living abroad with their personal lifestyle planning and wealth management. Through hosting local seminars, informative articles in our bi-monthly newsletters and our tools & guides. And this Autumn we introduce a series of webinars to provide information and knowledge from the comfort of your own home.

Are you an American living in Europe, or are you an International that needs to comply with U.S. FATCA regulations, looking for investment opportunities? Then, you might think your options are limited - European funds generally don't allow Americans - and creating a solid investment portfolio is probably challenging. 

Still, there might be options that you are not aware of. Options to set up a diverse and solid portfolio, offering you better wealth management options and investment choices, while giving you more flexibility and more control of your money.

This webinar will discuss various topics that affect Americans and U.S. connected persons living in the United Kingdom:

  • What is a U.S. connected person for U.S. tax purposes?
  • How do U.S. tax laws affect investment opportunities while living abroad?
  • Why is investment diversification so important?
  • Which investment opportunities are available to American expats and U.S. connected individuals?
  • How can a solid investment portfolio help you to offset U.S. tax liabilities?

Are you an American or International with a U.S. nexus?

Get to know the basics and more in a matter of minutes.

Get the information you need to get started!

Edward Mainwaring-Burton

A specialist in international asset management and financial planning for the last 10 years, having lived in the U.K., Netherlands, Switzerland and the UAE.

Educate Yourself

Make well-informed decisions, based on solid information about how you can create an investment portfolio that is U.S. FATCA compliant and that will help to offset U.S. tax liabilities.

Ask Live Questions

Ask questions, get answers, and develop your knowledge.

David Bellingham

Driven International Strategist, Consultant & Business Leader with extensive experience across Europe, UK, Asia, UAE & Australia.



In this webinar you can expect to get:

And much more, in our upcoming sessions.







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